L'Oreal Fiberceutic

"Botox for your hair!"

Since L'Oreal launched the "Fiberceutic" in-salon treatment in September 2010, we have been trialling it in our Halifax Salon, and the feedback from our customers has been excellent.

Early in 2010, L'Oreal Professional discovered that a new miracle molecule called "Intra-Cylane" temporarily fills gaps inside the hair shaft, changing thin, lacklustre or damaged hair into a thick, glossy mane, thus taking it back to its virgin state.

After treatment, fine hair feels much thicker, with volume and life. Thicker over processed hair also benefits from the treatment as it is left glossy, shiny and easier to manage.

The difference with "Fiberceutic" is the molecule structure which is small enough to penetrate inside the hair, whereas most Keratin hair treatments and serums merely sit on top of the hair, and are quickly washed away.

Even though it is a temporary treatment, the vitamins and glossing aspects are locked inside the hair strands in the process leaving you with longer lasting results.

Our customers have found their hair looks good for longer, so less frequent blow drying and straightening is required, so their hair naturally becomes healthier.

Plus, at £15 per application it is an affordable option when compared to costly permanent chemical treatments.